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Fall of Gods 2 - The Faceless King

MOOD Publishing - US


Hardcover Cinematic Novel 

"You really don't remember, do you?"

The Eldest have awakened from their age-old slumber.
Rolf Krake, Midgard’s devious high chieftain, is using their return to spread fear and xenophobia, paving the road for all-out war against Jotunheim.
Elsewhere, the legendary “bear man” hunts the wolf that killed his wife, but he is soon drawn back into the affairs of men and forced to face the dark truth about his past and the demon who dwells inside him.

A uniquely realised Cinematic Novel, the Fall of Gods trilogy brings the legacy of the Norse mythology to life in a new and breathtaking way.

30cmx22,5cm (11,8×8,8”) 
A spectacular Hardcover with 141 pages in high quality print, UV varnished cover details and a beautifully designed layout.



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