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Hardcover Cinematic Novels and Sketchbooks

Get all the books! This bundle contains every Cinematic Novel we have published so far. Catch up on Mary's journey to Brimstone as well as the warrior travelling through Midgard searching for his missing wife. The Brimstone and Fall of Gods Sketchbooks offers a glimpse behind the scenes, showing the sketches and storyboards that went into creating these worlds.

  • Fall of Gods 1+2 
    30cmx22,5cm (11,8×8,8”) 
    Stunning Hardcover books in high quality print, UV varnished cover details and a beautifully designed layout
  • Brimstone - The Demon Within
    30cmx22,5cm (11,8×8,8”) 
    A gorgeous Hardcover book in high quality print, with gold debossed cover detail and a classic layout
  • Fall of Gods & Brimstone Sketchbooks
    21cmx15,4cm (8,3×6”) 

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