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Rise of the Necromancers - Save 50%: Now 33,5 USD

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Critically acclaimed Board Game 

"Are you evil... maybe just a little?"

Then unleash your most wretched forces – and seize the power!
To become the Necromancer King, you’ll have to master dark magic, raise an army of undead minions, explore festering dungeons and research ancient artefacts and spells.

Rise of the Necromancers is an evil strategy game for 2-5 players, where each player controls a Necromancer struggling for absolute dominance.

Beautifully illustrated in high quality print
Game Board 84x56 cm (33×22”) 
Box 30x30x8 cm 

 The game contains:

2x Game boards, 5 player boards, 5 Rule Reference Sheets, 5 Necromancer Miniatures, 65 Tombstone Miniatures, 60 Resource Counters, 35 Corpse Counters, 70 Minion Counters, 16 Necromancer Cards, 16 Apprentice Cards,
30 Dungeon Cards, 24 Item Cards, 24 Spell Cards, 4 Academy Headmaster Cards, 2 Resource Die, 2 Corpse Die, 6 Six- Sided Die and 1 Rule Book

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